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Do an editorial/maternity shoot in your garage!

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

You won't believe the amazing photos you can create without ever leaving the comfort of your home! All it takes is a little ingenuity and creativity!

With this shoot I knew I was going way out my comfort zone but I wanted to do something different and since I love fashion I wanted to find a way incorporate that into a maternity shoot.

My studio in the house is very small and only used for head shots and newborn photos, which is what led me to using the garage for more space. ( It was also great incentive to clean my garage! )

Since it was a maternity shoot I also knew I wanted it to have a soft feel and look to it, so I used tulle to soften the look. (Did you know you can buy tulle is bulk on Amazon for a steal?!?)

As for the flowers I'm always looking for an excuse to incorporate them into my shoots!

All I did to create this look was, clean the garage floor, open the door for that great natural lighting, lay some sheets on the floor with the tulle and flowers on top. That's it!

I did find that to create great flattering images with her laying on the floor was to always be adding curves and bends in the pose, such as the bent knee, pointed toes and her holding her belly with a bent elbow. I also had her hand behind her head to keep it level with her body rather than leaning it back on the floor which would've caused her whole head to be tilted back at an unflattering position.

Maternity photos should be about showing the beauty of this special moment in time as well as the bond between the mother and child. I love this shot because by focusing on the ring, even though the father was not able to be there for the shoot, it still felt like he was apart of it!

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